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Who is our audience?
Our app is for everyone who plays hockey.
For those who define game lineups, collect money, search for new players and teams or want to grow their proficiency.
IcePerk app is currently used by 83 teams in Russia.

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How does it work
Creating teams
Captain creates a team, players register and apply to join the team

Creating games and trainings
Captain defines where and when the next game or training session will be
Breakdown to links
Players who confirmed attendance are then assigned to lines by the captain
Online editing
If a game's time or venue are changed, all players get a push-notification
Attendance statistics
Any player or coach can view games and training stats
Thanks to easy to use surveys there is no more need for long discussions on WhatsApp or Facebook
Video responses of captains and managers
Our plans
Adding «deputy captain» role
July 2017
Adding features to invite other teams to play and searching for coaches
August 2017
Payments for ice rink, coach and other fees via app
September 2017
Purchasing gear and equipment via app
November 2017
Buy and sell of second-hand gear between players
December 2017
Searching and renting available time at ice rinks
February 2018
Forming new teams from new solo players
March 2018
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Making hockey playing
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